A video of Jim explaining why you should vote for him

Are you sick watching our party suffer declining participation? We now have only half the PCs we should. Many are ghost-PCs, names on proxies, wielded at our meetings by party power brokers.

Instead of energizing, our meetings are demoralizing. We committeemen know we have little real power left.

Some of our representatives even push National Popular Vote, Common Core, and other leftist agendas because it’s more beneficial to them than representing the views of their own party’s members.

As State Committeemen we aren’t powerless yet! On January 28th we can vote!

Don’t sign a proxy! Come to our Statutory Meeting in person.

Move the power from the backroom to your living room.

Use your voice to elect Jim O’Connor as party chairman. We can break the machine.

Jim has worked a near miracle rebuilding LD23 and turning it into a powerhouse of action, signing up 135 new Precinct Committeemen. He will bring the same approach to the whole state, filling our ranks with active and engaged members.

Jim will work full time for our committeemen, not delegating the very heart of the job away to someone else. He will maintain his commitment to communicating freely with our state committeemen.

On this page are his real personal email address, and cell Number. Pick up your phone and him call, let him know you’ll fight for our party.

1 (602) 538-9387